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Intuitive Medicine Paintings

2020 - 2021

The intention behind these paintings is to work through a specific theme, purpose, or emotion. Art therapy! I treat it as medicine, witnessing and reflecting on what wants to intuitively come through the body to talk to me.

collected artwork

2020 - 2021

A collection of personal work in 2020 and 2021, including some "Conscious Doodling" warmups I like to do to get used to the blank page and notice my natural tendencies. 

Collected Artwork

bipolar beastie comic


The following are pages from my comic Bipolar Beastie: Confessions From Quarantine that I started posting on Instagram in April 2020 to cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic Experience. After developing a phobia of social media for about 10 years, this was my first personal project that helped me begin to build the courage to be seen and understand how much I needed a healthy creative outlet to cope with the world. Click on the thumbnails for an easier read!