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My Inner Team

I guide clients to intuitively draw their characters to learn more about themselves that their subconscious can only express through art, but it's important to note that these characters are always growing and changing because we are!


I've decided to take it a step further and write a story with these characters to understand my own story better. I'm using my experience as a Character Designer in Animation to do so, going through a process called "Visual Development." In the Entertainment Industry, this is the concept design stage that leads up to the final production of a piece of media. What you see below are rough concepts from early 2021, and you can follow my full process in my personal Inner Team Building Journey here.


Left Thinking Brain - "Manager"

Personality Types:
MBti: ENFJ, Enneagram: Hard - 3w2, Soft - 2w3

Lor is a Warrior Princess who has recently returned from a long journey of shedding enough cultural conditioning and past trauma to feel comfortable enough in her own skin.


Most importantly, she has learned how to step back, witness, and "honor" her own story rather than "dwell" in it or compare it to others. This has helped her break free of unhealthy left-brain patterns and granted access to her right-brain allowing for a healthier, more balanced approach to life. Taking the time to step back and "see" herself has also helped her finally find enough value in her own life to stand up for it. 


Now that Lor is stepping into her true power, she's committed to working with Character 4 to strengthen her alignment with the Cycles of Nature and the Life Force Energy of the Universe, always learning how to create more space for unconditional love and wholeness.

Character Arc: Warrior Princess → Shamanic Priestess




Character Arc: Demonic Brat → Wounded Child

MBti: INFP, Enneagram: 4w5

Nyx is a shapeshifting Preta* Demon who has had to learn to give up her control and learn to trust the Inner Team to take care of her. She's had to learn how to receive help, adapt to change, shift her relationship with pain, and trust a greater power. 

Even though she still makes mistakes and lashes out, The Team is there to support her. She's learning how to be ok with that and always will be. It's ok.

* Preta - A "Hungry Ghost" - Supernatural being in Buddhist folklore, the spirit of a greedy person whose divine retribution is to never be satiated. Poisoned with the curse of "not-enoughness."


Character 3: HA


MBti: ENFP, Enneagram: 7w8

Character Arc: Manic Pixie → Magical Child

Ha is my unique spark of life! She represents the flow state I experience when I'm fully in the moment, and the playful magical child and inner flame that will never go out within my soul. 

She has had to learn that sometimes we have to finish things, balance our time, realize we live in a physical reality and remember that our actions have consequences.

*Ha Meanings:

  1. Polynesian Culture: "Breath" - Hawaiians often greeted each other by sharing ha, or their breath. This exchange of breath is referred to as honi and it's a Polynesian greeting in where two people press their foreheads together and inhale at the same time. The greeting is considered an honor as it represents the exchange of 'ha'–the breath of life, and spiritual power between two people.

  2. Merriam Webster: Used especially to express surprise, joy, or triumph

  3. Me: Exhale, let it go, start again.


CHARACTER 4: sthira


Character Arc: Fear → Love

MBti: INFP, Enneagram: 9w1

Sthira* is The Mother Goddess, Shakti (The Divine Feminine Force), Infinity, The Universe, All That Is, The Tao, Mother Nature...


Because Character 4 represents our connection to the "Divine Consciousness," I consider this character to be my personal God (dess), who reminds me what my values are and what's worth living and fighting for. Since she is all that is, she's always appearing to me in different ways, this drawing is just a symbol of her energy that I feel!


Different for everyone of course, and meant to be honored ;)

Connection to this force is new and requires commitment to strengthen. Every moment holds the potential for new choices, and we're learning more and more each day.


* Sthira Meaning: 

  1. Sanskrit: Steadiness, stability -  Yoga Sutra of Patanjali: “posture (asana) [should be] stable (sthira) and comfortable (sukha),” but is more literally translated as “resolutely abide in a good space.” Becoming established in “good space,” however, is only possible when our prana is healthy. When we start infusing our lifestyle, diet, and relationships with sthira and sukha, we pave the way for a life of balance and spiritual insight." HA (My version of Sukha) + STHIRA = HEALTHY INNER SPACE. 

  2. Me: Inhale, trust, I'm ok.

Character Playlist

One of my favorite exercises to give clients is to make a playlist of songs that correspond to their 4 Characters. They usually have a ton of fun with it :) I find that it really helps solidify what sort of vibe each of these parts of you have, and what elements of them you identify with the most, often in ways you can't describe with words. 


This is mine, if you're curious 

CHARACTER 1: [Songs 1-4]

CHARACTER 1+2: [Song 5]  - Transition to Depression

CHARACTER 2: [Songs 6-9]

CHARACTER 2+3: [Songs 10-12] - MANIC MODE!!!!

CHARACTER 3: [Songs 13-16]

CHARACTER 4: [Songs 17-20]

If this seems like fun to you, I challenge you to try it! 

Feel free to share at,

I love listening to character playlists ;)

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