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About Inner Team Building

When my higher self took me in as a client, I recognized the importance of connecting with the different parts of me to reclaim the power I had lost through seeking the validation of others. Inner Team Building is my attempt to share what I've learned through my own journey of self-discovery and help you through yours. 



My mission is to help people learn to trust their true selves by reconnecting with the flow of their own creative power. I encourage emotional balance and whole self acceptance by guiding creatives to explore their inner worlds and contradicting parts through intuitive art exercises to witness their magic hands on. 


Embracing our whole selves requires the courage, creativity, and compassion to be who we really are, no matter what anyone else is doing. Taking time to show up for ourselves allows us to show up for others and make the world a better place rather than staying stuck in our own pain.


Using art as a universal language to express our thoughts, fears and emotions on a collective level leads to greater awareness and empathy between all walks of life. Activating the right brain in this way rewires our nervous system find peace, rather than fear, in the present moment, helping us understand ourselves and each other beyond left brain societal constructs.

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