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Creative Mental Health Solutions

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Your Inner World Creates Your Outer Reality.

You’ve got big dreams, stories to tell and tons of great ideas!

Problem is, you keep getting in your own way. And it hurts.


Your unique outlook on life can result in feeling like a weirdo, maybe even "crazy." You might feel scattered. Overwhelmed. Perhaps you've convinced yourself you're unworthy. Incapable. Not Enough. 


So you procrastinateThe more you procrastinate, hide, and avoid, the more you hurt yourself and those closest to you. Plus...the stagnation feels like a fate worse than death. 

Chaos On The Inside = Fear of Taking Action On The Outside

Nothing Kills Your Dreams Faster Than Fear, Doubt & Expectations

When we’re kids, it’s easier to just “be.” The world is a magical and so are we.


But as our thinking mind develops and the world around us gets bigger and more confusing, we compare and compete, fixating on worries about the future and past mistakes.

The "magic" that you were born with becomes your weakness... when it's actually your strength. 

But that magic never dies. 

You can reclaim it...if you learn how to listen. 

Yes I AM talking about the voices in your head.

And NO you're not crazy. 

We ALL have them. 

When you have a healthy relationship with yourself... anything is possible. 


I believe in the magic that lives in you!


When you feel disconnected, stuck, and lost in the noise of an overwhelming world, I’ll guide you home to the truth of who you are.

Being at war with yourself isn’t healthy or productive. Trying to seem "normal" is a waste of energy, and when those negative thoughts and emotions get out of control, it becomes easier to lash out and sabotage your goals, career and relationships.

Feeling safe and secure on the inside gives us the courage to consciously create a healthier reality on the outside. Together we connect the dots of your life to uncover what makes you truly special and create solutions to overcome your fears and meet your full potential.

What are YOU seeking to create that you’ve been putting off for far too long?

Whether it be a personal project, improved relationships, or a new career, getting clear on what you want and WHY will provide clarity and confidence to move forward and create the life you know you’re meant to live.

My approach is called “Inner Team Building" and starts with befriending your “Inner Team” AKA The Voices In Your Head

No, you’re not crazy, yes we all have them. It's just your brain. Taking the time to build a healthy relationship with YOURSELF makes anything possible. So let's make it happen :)

Check Out The Brains of Real Clients!

Guided 15-Min Intuitive Art Exercises, No Professional Art Experience Necessary! Shared By Permission Only 

Inner Team Building Begins With The Brain

Balance starts at a biological level! Our opposite and contradictory thoughts, emotions and views of the world come from our dual brain hemispheres. The confusion is normal and natural, it's all about managing it! 

My goal is to help you accept the beauty of your whole self and focus on your natural strengths.

I provide a unique blend of practical self-exploration tools for befriending the different parts of you, "flaws" and all! Together we ignite the creativity and intuition of your Right Brain and the goal driven action-oriented practicality of the Left Brain to help you build the self-worth, courage and resilience to meet any challenge. 

A Version of These Four Characters Live Inside EVERY HUMAN BRAIN.

Based on Harvard Neuroanatomist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor's revolutionary work in her book Whole Brain Living


Check Out The Brains of Real Clients!

Guided 15-Min Intuitive Art Exercises, No Professional Art Experience Necessary! Shared By Permission Only 

It becomes easier to step into your power and stop comparing yourself to others when you understand who you really are and your special role in the surrounding ecosystem. Since we all have these characters within us, connecting with your brain helps you better understand others, resulting in healthier relationships all around!

This Is How You Learn To Love Yourself (And Everyone Else) 


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Client Experience


"The space and support Elora offers becomes a sanctuary you grow and tend together. She reminds you of your greatest gifts, connecting you to your higher senses. Pain can be our greatest teacher, and with Elora as your fairy guide and cheerleader, we learn to deconstruct to build better pathways and make healthier decisions that begin to align with our greatest authenticity to become our most loving authority." 

- Amy C.  //  Artist & Entrepreneur

Intuitive Art by Amy C.  [ Character 2 Feeler ]


I like talking to you because you're very understanding. I haven't had that connection with any therapists I've seen. It feels different with you, and it's nice because I'm really benefiting from that. Whenever I talk to you I feel a lot better, happier, and always come out of it more relieved. There's only so much I can do for myself!

- Maresa S. // Student


Elora's program has helped me tremendously in understanding what is going on within myself. She is compassionate, kind, understanding and very relatable. Elora has helped me become more confident in myself and my business. Bipolar is something that will always be with me, but after this program, I feel I have an entire toolbox to help me navigate through the ups and downs. Besides these new tools, I'm happy to have gained a friend as well! I recommend Elora's program wholeheartedly and am so glad I stumbled upon her!

- Kate S. // Entrepreneur


This class has helped strengthen my sense of self as well as improve my technical art skills. Understanding how I work has improved my mental health so much! Amazing creative project to go through :)

- Chiara U. // Student


To put it simply, Elora is a treasure. As a parent of a teen who has been working with Elora for over a year, I feel incredibly fortunate. My daughter has benefited both artistically and emotionally beyond measure. I can’t say enough about Elora. In addition to being truly talented, she is a born teacher and the best mentor a parent could ask for their child. Maybe the clearest way for me to convey my opinion of Elora is: I feel selfish about her. She’s so wonderful that there is a small ‘shadow’ part of me that doesn’t want to share her. I’d always want her to be available and wish that my daughter could have even more time with her. But that’s not me, so if you have been fortunate enough to have found her, you are one of the lucky ones. - Kelly U. 


Art by Chiara U.  [Character 1 Thinker + Character 2 Feeler]

"I've never met someone who made magic so real!!! You're so good at that!

You are actually magical." -Nathalie J. // Entrepreneur

Meet Your Guide

Hi I'm Elora! I'm a Certified Wayfinder Life Coach and UCLA grad with 10+ years of professional art and graphic design experience, including working as a Character Designer at animation studios like Warner Brothers and Rick and Morty. I deeply understand the struggles of creative pursuits and LOVE empowering creatives.

After losing my dad in 2015 I was diagnosed bipolar and set off on a holistic healing path to find inner peace with my own parts to handle grief and out of control emotions. I'm now committed to combining what I've learned from shamans, healers, and artists from all walks of life with my love of art, storytelling, nature and psychology to ease the pain of those going through similar issues and making mental health fun :) 

I Believe In The Magic That Lives In You!

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