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Hi! I'm Elora, Artist & Creative Coach
I Believe In The Magic That Lives In You!

I help self doubting creators manage stress, anxiety and emotions through intuitive techniques like art therapy, visualization and storytelling. What I do is called "Inner Team Building" because its all about befriending the voices in your head, your "inner team," to build courage, compassion, and clarity for the path ahead! 


 As a highly sensitive artist and professional character designer at major studios in the animation industry,  I know how exhausting it is to hide from the world, stuck in your own self prison, afraid of being seen for who you really are.


Understanding my own extremes has taught me that when you're able to connect the dots of your unique life experience and accept the beauty of your whole self, ANYTHING is possible! Every part of you is important and requires love (even though it might not feel like it). 


Whether it be through my personal art, mentoring or coaching, I’m all about sharing what I've learned on my own healing journey to help you step into the power of your true self and build courage through creation

Check Out The Inner Teams of My Clients!

Guided 15-Min Intuitive Art Exercises, No Professional Art Experience Necessary! Shared By Permission Only 

Reviews From Real Creators



Amy C.

Artist & Entrepreneur

"The space and support Elora offers becomes a sanctuary you grow and tend together. She reminds you of your greatest gifts, connecting you to your higher senses. Pain can be our greatest teacher, and with Elora as your fairy guide and cheerleader, we learn to deconstruct to build better pathways and make healthier decisions that begin to align with our greatest authenticity to become our most loving authority." 

Intuitive Art by Amy: Character 2 Feeler 


Kate S.

Artist & Entrepreneur

"Elora's program has helped me tremendously in understanding what is going on within myself. She is compassionate, kind, understanding and very relatable. Elora has helped me become more confident in myself and my business. Bipolar is something that will always be with me, but after this program, I feel I have an entire toolbox to help me navigate through the ups and downs. Besides these new tools, I'm happy to have gained a friend as well! I recommend Elora's program wholeheartedly and am so glad I stumbled upon her!"

Intuitive Art by Kate: Character 3 Explorer 


Chris F.

Podcast Creator & University Services Consultant

"Working with Elora was an absolute joy, she has the ability to hold space for all forms of creativity. I didn't realize how much I've missed communicating with resonate souls until I had a session with her to help me name the inner layers of consciousness in my psyche. It was a true gift to be able to work with Elora's playfulness and patience as we explored some of the forgotten realms of my inner world. I'm so grateful"

Intuitive Art by Chris: Character 4 Observer 


Kai N.

Artist, Doula, Regenerative Farmer

"I just had a first time taste of your medicine and it is delicious. It is rich, and I wish it upon everyone."

Intuitive Art by Kai: Outer World


Jonathan B.

Writer, Artist Comedian

I had a single session recently with Elora and it was transformative. Elora is a gifted listener and her care and concern come across so clearly in her comments and questions. She is fully invested in listening to her clients and providing the space and support they need to discover their own answers to their struggles. Elora is one of the warmest, most insightful people I know and if you have the opportunity to work with her you will be the better for it.

Intuitive Art by Jonathan: Character 4 Observer


Allen K.


Elora is a mother-flipping miracle machine who will show you your innermost dreams and darkest fears, break you down to primordial goo, then build you up again atom by atom, leaving you super-powered for tomorrow.

Intuitive Art by Allen: Character 4 Observer


Jasbeen S.

Writer, Artist, Coach

"I was so nervous to go on Facebook live but I had the drawing right next to me from our session yesterday and was able to breathe and speak with confidence... I rocked it! It went SO WELL!!! Thank you so much!"

Intuitive Art by Jasbeen: Right Brain




Kelly U.


"To put it simply, Elora is a treasure.

As a parent of a teen who has been working with Elora for over two years, I feel incredibly fortunate. My daughter has benefited both artistically and emotionally beyond measure. I can't say enough about Elora. In addition to being truly talented, she is a born teacher and the best mentor a parent could ask for their child. Maybe the clearest way for me to convey my opinion of Elora is: I feel selfish about her. She's so wonderful that there is a small 'shadow part of me that doesn't want to share her. I'd always want her to be available and wish that my daughter could have even more time with her. But that's not me, so if you have been fortunate enough to have found her, you are one of the lucky ones."

Intuitive Art by Chiara U: Character 1 Manager


Chiara U.

High School Student

"Elora's program has helped strengthen my sense of self as well as improve my technical art skills. Understanding how I work has improved my mental health so much. Amazing creative project to go through :)"

Intuitive Art by Chiara: Brain Huddle Panic Attack Characters 1-4

first panic attack 10_7_21.png

Maresa S.

High School Student

"I like talking to you because you're very understanding. I haven't had that connection with any therapists I've seen. It feels different with you, and it's nice because I'm really benefiting from that. Whenever I talk to you I feel a lot better, happier, and always come out of it more relieved. There's only so much I can do for myself!"

Intuitive Art by Maresa: Character 2 Feeler [Left] Character 1 Manager [Right]

Character 1 V2 - Veronica.png

Masako A.


"I love that you're putting this together for younger people because it will give them a perspective that they can use throughout their lives and a tool to help them. What you're doing with her is working - The other day she said "Elora told me about my brain and how there's different personalities - that's all I've been thinking about mom!" You know how to speak her language! It's such a different way to look at things based on my own experience with therapists. I wish I had this when I was younger!"

Intuitive Art by Maresa: Character 3 Explorer

Character 3 V2 - Aire.png

Daniel Z.


Elora has been a friend and a mentor to my teen daughter through a very challenging period. She has worked tirelessly to help rekindle her creativity to restore her confidence, hope, ambition, and excitement about the future. I can't possibly overstate how much Elora has helped. Thank you for what you have done, Elora. You've made such a difference in our lives!

Intuitive Art by Charley: Character 1 Manager


This Is How You Learn To Love Yourself (And Everyone Else)


Thank you! Be sure to look out for my message, talk soon! :)

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